Hong Kong Lawyers Plan To March To Protest Beijing’s White Paper

If you’ve been following us for the past week or so you’ll know that the Hong Kong Judiciary now has to be more “Patriotic” along with a raft of other  proposals that are obviously designed to cripple the current legal system slowly and systematically so that the concepts of common law slowly but surely fade into the background as Beijing tightens its political grip on the city.


The South China Morning post is reporting today that  things have become so intolerable for some sections of the legal community that they actually intend to protest by marching … doesn’t this only happen in Pakistan !


As you can see from the SCMP post on facebook (link below) and some of the beijing trolls comments ….. people aren’t yet taking this very seriously but here at ALE it looks to us like the opening barrages of a long hard fought fight that the defenders of the Rule of Law will unfortunately eventually lose as  the powers that be remove citizens’ rights.

If ALE held a HK passport we’d be taking this very seriously indeed