Hong Kong Judiciary Not Impressed By Young Protestors

Thanks to barrister , Doug Clark of Gilt chambers for highlighting the following from the  the Court of Appeal judgement in English after the Joshua Wong verdict.

Is the judiciary being influenced by Beijing or is it more of a matter of toeing the line when it comes to the rule of law in Hong Kong


For anyone who may have thought the judges were pushed into it, the judgement makes it clear they were not:

Yeung VP says [at para 6]

“In recent years, an unhealthy wind has been blowing in Hong Kong.  Some people, on the pretext of pursuing their ideals or freely exercising their rights conferred by law, have acted wantonly in an unlawful manner.  Certain people, including individuals of learning, advocate “achieving justice by violating the law” and, under this slogan, they encourage others to break the law.  These people openly flout the law.  Not only do they refuse to admit their lawbreaking activities are wrong, but they even go as far as regarding such activities as a source of honour and pride.  It is unfortunate that such arrogant and conceited ways of thinking have influenced some young people and have caused them to engage as they please in activities that are damaging the public order and disruptive of the peace at assemblies, processions or demonstrations.”