Hong Kong Health Minister Says City Will Only Repeal Social Distancing Law Once Citizens Get Used To It

Coronavirus: new social-distancing law may be repealed only after it becomes a ‘habit’ among Hongkongers, health minister says

The SCMP reports

Hong Kong’s health minister has said that new regulations on social distancing may be repealed only after they become a “habit”, as she warned of further restrictions, such as on karaoke bars and mahjong parlours.

No prosecution or penalty notice had been made as of Sunday noon, Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan Siu-chee said, as she reiterated her call for citizens to exercise self-restraint and avoid public gatherings, adding that authorities were counting on compliance rather than enforcement.

Her remarks came as a new ban on groups of more than four people in public kicked in on Sunday. It will last a fortnight until April 11, while another rule on halving the capacity of restaurants and closing six types of leisure premises took effect at 6pm on Saturday, also for 14 days.

The public venues affected include cinemas, party rooms and gyms.

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