Hogan Lovells Work Overtime ProBono To get Medical Supplies Into The US

Law.com reports, “As the coronavirus crisis escalates, the two biggest medical needs in the U.S. at present are ventilators and N95 masks. Over the last week, attorneys at Hogan Lovells working pro bono have played a role in increasing the availability of both.”

A team of 20 partners, working around the clock, helped guide longstanding client Ford Motor Co., in a collaboration with GE Healthcare, to produce 50,000 ventilators in 100 days. Another team, split between the U.S. and China, helped negotiate a complex set of approvals to allow Robert Kraft, the owner of the U.S. football team the New England Patriots, to deploy the team’s Boeing 767 airplane to pick up 1.7 million masks from the city of Shenzen in China and bring them to Boston.

“I’ve got CNN on in the background all the time,” said Hogan Lovells pro bono partner T. Clark Weymouth. “Not a half-hour goes by when there isn’t a discussion of the critical need for masks and ventilators.”

A week ago, energy partner Amy Roma was on a “social distancing” walk in the woods with her husband, a Patriots employee, when he received a call from colleagues asking for help securing a letter from the State Department to support the nascent effort to secure the masks.

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