HKLII Update Their Search

This is an interesting topic… will HKLII be affected by the national security law?

We have over the last year watched HK Law School subscribers to our newsletter, many of whom have been receiving it for over a decade, unsubscribe; we presume mainly because of some of the information we relay in the China section of this website.

Will HKLII which prides itself on free and open search to legal and legislative docs at some point start to restrict what information is available via its database.

Put simply it is a question we don’t know the answer to but what we do know is that we hope and pray they can still maintain their publishing with the minimum of restrictions

This is their latest update

Welcome to the Upgraded HKLII

Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII) is pleased to announce the launch of our upgraded website. Do check out our site tour for a quick introduction to its new features. You will find the following new features and improvements:

  • Search by parallel citations
  • Support of parallel citations in Noteup function
  • Improvement in search by neutral citations and action numbers
  • Dynamically updated case history and appeal history
  • Improvement in definition markup & linking accuracy
  • Simplified Chinese legislation documents
  • Quick link to e-legislation
  • Responsive interface for smaller devices
  • Improved formatting for Judgments and Legislation contents
Comments invited

Your comments are highly appreciated. Do take a minute to fill out the rating box at the bottom right corner of the website, or write to us using the feedback form. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Beta testers for their insightful comments and suggestions throughout the testing phrase.

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The HKLII Team