HKFP: Hong Kong begins public consultation for new, homegrown security law Article 23

A four-week consultation period for Hong Kong’s homegrown security law, known locally as Article 23, began on Tuesday, Chief Executive John Lee has announced.

Lee was joined by Secretary for Justice Paul Lam and Secretary for Security Chris Tang to announce details of the new security law’s consultation period at the Central Government Offices on Tuesday morning.

Article 23 of the city’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, stipulates that Hong Kong shall enact its own laws to prohibit seven types of offences, including treason, espionage, and theft of state secrets.

“The legislation of Article 23 is necessary and must be done, and it should be done as soon as possible. This is the constitutional responsibility of Hong Kong, which has remained unfinished even after more than 20 years since Hong Kong returned to the motherland,” John Lee said in Cantonese.

The public consultation period will last until February 28.

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