HK Law Society defends Hong Kong’s judiciary in letter to international group of lawyers after UK judges quit top court



Let’s remember that in Hong Kong’s legal world the “Law Society” capitulated to Beijing way before the Bar Association and the Judiciary

They were singing from the CCP hymn sheet back in 2015.

We’d suggest a law society in name alone these days so read anything they have to say with more than a pinch of salt

SCMP reports

  • Law Society president Chan Chak-ming says he wants to clarify ‘misconceptions about our judicial system’ after resignation of UK judges
  • UK Supreme Court president Lord Robert Reed, vice-president Lord Patrick Hodge submitted resignation from city’s highest court on March 30


The professional body for Hong Kong’s solicitors has defended the city’s judicial independence after an international group of lawyers expressed alarm over Britain’s decision to withdraw its last two serving judges from the Court of Final Appeal due to concerns over the national security law.

In a letter to the president of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA), which is headquartered in Britain, Law Society president Chan Chak-ming said he wanted to clarify “misconceptions about our judicial system” contained in a statement it issued last week.

While he regretted the resignations of United Kingdom Supreme Court president Lord Robert Reed and vice-president Lord Patrick Hodge from the Court of Final Appeal, Chan said there were no issues with judicial independence in Hong Kong.

“Rather, the concern stems from external interference with the judges’ decision in continuation of their judicial role and the muddling of “national interests” of overseas judges in the performance of their judicial functions which should remain independent of any such outside interests,” Chan wrote.

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