Hip Hop Stox members form the National Hip Hop Bank in Atlanta

A group of Hip Hop entrepreneurs ratified the United States Hip Hop Banking Act of 2022 and are positioned to raise $5M to develop a metaverse for Hip Hop called, the “Moneyverse”.

Formed as a blockchain development company for Hip Hop entrepreneurs, Hip Hop Stox, Inc. was created to make sure members of the Hip Hop community are able to benefit from blockchain and VR technologies. Kiel Mansa relocated to Atlanta in 2018, and as luck would have it, the first individual he approached about the idea was Tereum Woodford who introduced him to Dr. Jameelah Wilkerson, CEO of the Hype Magazine. Shortly afterward, she agreed to serve as the Director of Marketing for Hip Hop Stox, Inc. and the company began creating tokens for Hip Hop artists, entrepreneurs, and Independent Record Labels such as Authentic Empire Music Group. After a few years of working with the Independent Hip Hop community, it became clear that Hip Hop is a unique segment of American society with unique needs.
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