HG Org Lawyer Directory Update Website & Service

To be honest we’d totally forgotten about HG.org so it was probably time they updated their technology & service..

Here’s the press release they sent out at the end of last week


To be even more brutal — as we’ve said with MH.com these companies are going to have to do a little more than re-vamp if they want to stay alive.. the days of lawyers paying $295 for a listing in a law firm directory are well and truly on the way out.


Expanded Practice Areas and Increased Search Engine Visibility are Key Features

HOUSTON, TX—Nov. 18—PR NEWSWIRE— HG.org (www.hg.org), a leading online attorney and law firm directory, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest upgrade to their legal portal. This new version offers HG.org customers over 260 different practice areas to choose from, plus unlimited space for profile and service descriptions.

Since launching their new listing features, HG.org has witnessed a 20% jump in traffic. The site is now attracting over 650,000 unique visitors per month who are in search of legal services.

In today’s ever changing economic environment, it is more important than ever to effectively advertise any business, and law firms are no exception. HG.org is the perfect marketing solution for today’s firm as their services go far beyond a simple standard listing. Attorneys have the advantage of utilizing HG.org’s extensive experience and resources, including free secretarial service to edit premium listings and professionally written SEO practice descriptions. Publishing articles and posting legal events are free of charge to members and an efficient addition to online campaigns.

The advantages of being listed on HG.org include outstanding search engine visibility, extensive listing features and affordable listing prices. Only $195/year will list all information about a law firm with up to 10 lawyers and 2 offices. Larger law firms can list all attorneys and offices for prices ranging from $295 to a maximum of $595 annually.

"At HG.org we believe that an advertising campaign should be effective as well as affordable," says Anne Lang an HG.org executive. "With over 260 different practice areas and unlimited service descriptions supported by the new upgrade, HG.org makes it possible to perfectly customize your listing to fit your firm. We bring targeted leads that take both specialty and geography into account, allowing attorneys to reach the maximum number of potential
clients in the most cost effective format possible. It takes only minutes to list your firm, increase your Internet visibility and gain an immediate competitive advantage with HG.org upgraded listing features."

HG.org also offers free basic listings to law firms, making the online directory one of the best value propositions for legal marketing on the Internet today.