He’s out of a job soon then!! Hong Kong’s top judge urges city’s lawyers to defend legal system, stand up to any interference

The SCMP write

Hong Kong’s top judge has urged all lawyers in the city to speak out in defence of the local legal system and stand up to any attempt to interfere with the duties of the judiciary.

At a ceremony to appoint four new senior counsel on Saturday, Chief Justice Andrew Cheung Kui-nung said their roles were not merely an indication of professional excellence, but came with the responsibilities of leadership of the independent bar and all its best qualities, “including the upholding of the rule of law and the proper administration of justice”.

“Whilst on this topic of strengthening the rule of law in Hong Kong, it is impossible not to mention that it is a duty of all lawyers, but in particular the inner bar, to protect the rule of law against those who would seek to undermine it,” Cheung said.

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