Here’s Another One Nobody’s Paying Attention To ..”Cambodia takes first legal step to dissolve opposition party” eg .. The Judiciary Is Compliant To Hun Sen

Nice bit of doublespeak in this headline  Cambodia takes first legal step to dissolve opposition party

There’s was a vague period of normalcy whilst the country was run under the aegis of the UN but things are going backward very quickly indeed…

This AP report is the only one on the subject that we’ve seen this past week , remebering in the past month the government has closed down the English language press, the English language radio station and probably without anybody’s knowledge a host of local “opposition” media outlets. We all wring our hands at Cambodia’s past but here at Legal Eye we suggest that we are all quite blind to the building disaster in terms of law and politics in that country

AP report

Cambodia’s government on Friday took initial legal steps to dissolve the country’s main opposition party, the latest in a series of moves to gain an advantage ahead of next year’s general election.

 Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak said the ministry filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court asking for the Cambodia National Rescue Party to be dissolved on the grounds that it was involved in a plot to topple the government.

The court is likely to uphold the complaint, since the country’s court system is widely considered to be under the political influence of the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“This is a strongman’s coup d’etat, with Hun Sen shamelessly transforming himself into a dictator for the whole world to see,” said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director for Human Rights Watch.