Hein Publishes New Title -Finding English Law: Quick Access to Key Titles, Second Edition By: John Eaton

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Easy-to-use and helpful guide on the basics of English Law, on which many jurisdictions’ modern law systems are based

Efficient legal research begins with consulting leading secondary sources, and this book seeks to provide assistance to researchers in English law by providing a quick, thumbnail description of English law (statutory and jurisprudential) for ninety-seven different legal topics, along with a list of leading texts relevant to each. This new edition also includes a list of noteworthy websites, blogs, and databases. 

It deals specifically with English (rather than UK) law, because for the most part it was English law that was transported to the corners of the world by way of the British Empire. Another jurisdiction to note—for the short-term, at least—is that of the European Union. Given that Britain’s exit from the EU won’t likely be effected until sometime between 2018 and 2020, the still-relevant regulations and directives of the Union are referenced in the descriptions of affected law.

  • NEW: Expanded scope
  • NEW: Includes noteworthy websites, blogs, and databases
  • Thumbnail descriptions of 97 legal topics with a list leading texts relevant to each

Finding English Law: Quick Access to Key Titles, Second Edition

Item #: 1004943

ISBN: 9780837740522

Pages: xv, 192p.

1 Volume: $79.95

Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017