Green Politics & Fascism London Review Of Books

As always The LRB’s reading of politics is way ahead of most others. We hope all within the Green movement globally are looking at ways to counter the current fringe ideas that nationalism and borders will be the the future of the environment rather than what we all know to be truth, that the issue is global and must be solved globally.

As the LRB piece points out we’ve been here before so no excuses about not being aware of the warning signs


Most of these are tiny, fringe movements. But there are signs that green and white nationalism is scaling up. In the recent European elections, France’s National Rally claimed that ‘borders are the environment’s greatest ally.’ Marine Le Pen declared that someone ‘who is rooted in their home is an ecologist’, whereas those who are ‘nomadic … do not care about the environment; they have no homeland’. Across the Atlantic, the Fox News host Tucker Carlson has claimed to be against illegal immigration because it ‘produces a huge amount of litter’, while the far-right pundit Ann Coulter has suggested that Americans must ‘choose between a green America and a brown America’. In India, public tree planting and reverence for sacred groves reinforce the government’s majoritarian claim that only Hindus are the nation’s true stewards.

The political left has spent decades urging the right to take climate change seriously. We may live to regret it. Faced with the climate crisis, what kind of political solidarities can transcend the appeal of nativism and nation?

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