Greedy Lawyers Everywhere

The American Lawyer has published an interesting piece about Chinese Internet message board for lawyers Totoo

Hong Kong correspondent Anthiony Lin writes

China Has Greedy Associates, Too
As China’s legal market cools off, a Chinese-language message board for young associates heats up

May 11
"When the market goes up, you are [the firm’s] money-making machine," the comment from Lawsman starts. "You will be exhausted, but they will keep you well-oiled and well-fed. But once the market is seizing up, you will be cast aside as a worn-out tool even though you still work efficiently."

It’s an ominous warning and one that reflects the sentiments of so many dime-a-dozen comments on legal blogs like Above the Law or message boards like Greedy Associates. America’s young lawyers are a vociferous, demanding lot. And now, it seems, young Chinese lawyers are catching on and doing the same.

Lawsman’s comment was posted on the Chinese-language Totoo site, an Internet message board whose growing popularity is a sign of how China’s legal profession increasingly mirrors America’s, warts and all.….

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