Goplain Nair Apologises And Avoids Custodial Sentence

Channel News Asia has reported that US lawyer and blogger Goplain Nair will….

not be jailed for contempt of court but has been given a telling-off and warning against making attacks against the Singapore Judiciary in future.

The report goes on to say that i n contempt of court proceedings brought against Nair by the Singapore Attorney-General on Wednesday, Nair admitted in open court that he had made statements that were punishable as contempt of court.

He then went on to offer an unreserved apology to the court and to District Judge James Leong for offending comments that he had made.

The Attorney-General brought Nair to court for remarks made in the course of a trial in the Subordinate Courts between July and September this year, attacking the Singapore Judiciary and District Judge James Leong by stating that the courts were being abused for political ends.


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