Good 2bSocial: 5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Law Firm’s Webinar Registrations

Webinars are a fantastic way to share your firm’s expertise and generate leads, and they’ve become even more important during the pandemic. However, simply hosting webinars isn’t going to do much for your marketing strategy. Nor will briefly advertising them and then hoping people show up. Try these tactics to increase your law firm’s registration and attendance numbers.

1. Add Length to Your Promotional Cycle

One report found that 23% of webinar registrations happen 15 or more days before the event. That’s a good reason to extend the length of your email, social media, and internal campaigns. Try making sure you’re promoting for an entire month before the event. Keep the phrase “early and often” in mind to make sure the opportunity to register reaches the most people.

2. Don’t Forget a Day-Of Reminder for Your Webinar

A full 25% of law firm webinar registrations occur on the day of the event. Those people are also statistically more likely to actually attend the event. Make sure that you always send a last-minute note to anyone on your invite list who hasn’t rsvp’d yet. Make it clear that it’s not too late. You never know, maybe their schedule opened up! Additionally, it’s a best practice to send an email to anyone that registered earlier with the information on how to join. You’d be surprised how many webinar hosts don’t send this information and then rely on their attendees to dig up an email with the correct timing or link. You’re bound to have a big difference between original registrations and attendees if you don’t remind people and make it easy to join.

3. Increase Engagement with Interactive Tools

The more engaged your audience is, the more likely they are to remain on for the full webinar and also sign up for your next one. Use things like surveys, polls, and lively Q & A sessions to get attendees involved. This is also helpful for gathering real data and feedback that can help you optimize webinars and other content moving forward. Try including a poll and then letting attendees know you’ll send a brief report with the results via email. You could also create a resources list for people to download after the webinar. The more that you can provide valuable insights and build relationships, the more likely you are to see future attendance numbers increase.

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4. Build Out an On-Demand Strategy

Studies show that a large number of people only watch webinars through an on-demand option (not registering for an event in advance). In addition, a large portion of people planning to attend the webinar get busy with other things (or forget – hence the reminder!). Punishing them by not providing an option to view the content will not win your firm any fans. Make sure you record all webinars and include on-demand information that you send via email or even promote through social media or search engine marketing. We suggest keeping a collection of on-demand webinars on your resource page (for example, we keep several of our most popular webinars here under our website Insights).

5. Promote Your Law Firm’s Webinar on Social Media

Seems straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many law firms skip this step. Build awareness of your event early on by marketing it on the channels your audience is most active on. Using the longer cycle we mentioned, you can make a few different creative posts without appearing spammy. You can even create a paid social campaign for some extra reach. Don’t forget to have applicable staff promote the webinar as well. For example, any panel members who will be part of the webinar should mention it on social media, including what they’ll be talking about and why they’re excited (and a link to the registration page, of course). The more that your law firm’s webinar information is shared on social media, the wider the audience that may register.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of how to promote on social media, download this complimentary eBook: Advanced Social Media Strategies for Law Firms.


Webinars continue to offer a great way for law firms to stay in touch with clients, build credibility, and generate new leads. Try these tips to make the most of your webinar strategy and to increase your law firm’s webinar registrations, for both the live and on-demand sessions. Once you’ve put in the work to create a great webinar and drum up attendance, let it keep working for you by using one of these tactics.

If you need help in developing a successful webinar strategy or need assistance in promoting a webinar to your target audience, reach out to us. We can work with you to ensure your law firm webinars have maximum impact on clients and prospective clients.

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