Golden Gate law students ask court to keep school open another year

June 27 (Reuters) – A group of students and alumni of Golden Gate University on Wednesday sought a court injunction to keep the embattled San Francisco school open for the coming academic year as part of their wider lawsuit that aims to prevent it from closing this summer as planned.
An injunction would prevent the plaintiffs from having to transfer to other schools to finish out their legal studies, their motion, opens new tab filed in San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday said.
It would also give the plaintiffs time to conduct discovery and “determine if the malfeasance and incompetence at the university is so bad that a receivership is warranted,” said attorney Ryan Griffith, a Golden Gate Law alum who is representing the four law students and the alumni association suing the university. The plaintiffs previously raised the possibility that a court-appointed receiver could find a way to keep the law school operating.
A spokesperson for Golden Gate University declined to comment on Thursday on the plaintiffs’ injunction motion. The university has argued in several court filings, opens new tab that the alumni association lacks standing to sue and that the complaint fails to specify any contract the university supposedly breached, among other deficiencies.