Globe Publishing: The In-house Counsel Compliance Companion

In-house practice is an increasingly popular career choice, both for new entrants to the profession and for individuals moving away from traditional private practice. The opportunities are exciting but the challenges of being a regulated individual in a different environment should not be underestimated.

In-house counsel must be able to identify and comply with the non-negotiable regulatory and ethical duties expected of them by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Whereas private practitioners have the benefit of safety in numbers in a team environment with common professional objectives, this is not automatically the case for in-house counsel. The latter might be used as the ethical voice or heartbeat of their organisation, but it is not uncommon for them to be regarded as the facilitators of advice about how to find ways round obstacles, or to shoulder the blame if there is criticism. Being an in-house solicitor requires an understanding of tensions that might not exist in private practice and knowing when to challenge inappropriate behaviour.

This book, co-published in association with the Centre for Legal Leadership, provides guidance on essential regulatory and ethical knowledge. The challenges of in-house practice are discussed with commentary on the tensions that might exist such as when the business is global or when business risks are not managed properly. There is analysis of team leader responsibilities and a discussion of the pinch points of being employed as lone lawyer. It also contains contributions from thought leaders and experts, and case studies and examples of disciplinary action are used to support your understanding of this essential topic.