Globe Law: Clean Transport: The Legal Framework for Achieving Net Zero

The transport sector has long been recognised as a major contributor to global CO2 emissions, accounting for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions. As concerns about climate change intensify, governments are under increasing pressure to address this issue and implement measures to mitigate the environmental impact of transportation.

Our comprehensive Special Report, Clean Transport, delves into the transport sector’s significant contribution to CO2 emissions and explores how governments worldwide are striving to drive change in this critical area. With a particular focus on modal shift, electric vehicles, sustainable aviation, green shipping and connected autonomous vehicles, this Special Report provides a timely in-depth analysis of the initiatives being undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainable transportation.

Clean Transport will be an invaluable resource for in-house counsel and other legal advisers, senior managers and consultants with an interest in the challenges and opportunities facing the transport sector in contributing to reaching Net Zero emissions targets.
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