Globe Law & Business- New Title Coming Soon: Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data

Legal operations is in an unprecedented moment of “nervocitement” – a combination of excitement and nervousness.

The adoption of artificial intelligence in every facet of work and life looks seemingly inevitable.

In the face of this rapid evolution, everyone is struggling to envisage what the world on the other side of these changes might look like.

It is in this rapidly evolving environment that Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data, edited by Olga V. Mack, Humira Noorestani, and MbaMemme Onwudiwe, introduces the LegalOps 2.0 Framework – an innovative legal operations paradigm anchored and enhanced by AI and data analytics.

The LegalOps 2.0 Framework empowers data-driven law firms and legal departments to achieve three critical goals:

  1. Gain insights into their current assets.
  2. Forecast future trends.
  3. Implement proactive measures today for a more productive and streamlined tomorrow.

In this period of uncertainty, one insight is certain. Artificial intelligence and data need to be at the center of any modern legal operations strategy – not a spoke, not a project, but instead the core.

This title takes readers on a journey into the heart of legal innovation, offering an unmissable opportunity to future-proof your legal expertize.

The book combines the perfect blend of AI’s cutting-edge capabilities with the nuanced world of legal practice, delivered through the innovative LegalOps 2.0 Framework.

Curated and penned by luminaries from the world of legal tech, each chapter provides practical insights, tips, and frameworks that build upon the 12 core areas of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), all with a tech-forward twist.

The title gives an all-access, backstage pass to the inner workings of legal processes, now turbocharged with AI and data analytics.

Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data is your guide to navigating the fast-evolving landscape of AI in the legal field with step-by-step practical guides on how to do so.