Globe Law & Business: Legal Practice in the Digital Age

Large-scale change in the legal profession is happening now.

This book is your go-to companion for the change that lies ahead.

Legal Practice in the Digital Age contains the hard-won insights you need to survive and thrive in the complex, post-pandemic age. It demonstrates how firms can embrace technological change, from taking a people-centric approach, to technology and innovation, to entrenching forward-thinking new mindsets into your firm’s DNA.

This guide is filled with insightful case studies and practical tips to give your firm the edge it needs and make the changes necessary for future success. It covers a variety of subjects highly relevant to the future of legal practice.

Amid exclamations of the profession’s demise, this unique book shows why there is an exciting future ahead for the legal profession, and why lawyers and firms need to act now to get ahead of the pack.

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£71.25 / $108.75

Authors: Paul Caddy, David Jackson, Tony Randle
Publication date: March 2023
Price: £95.00 / $145.00
Length: 465 pages
ISBN: 9781787429314