Georgia: Police say Sandy Springs lawyer raped woman asking for legal help

Serge Jerome, 33, was arrested during a traffic stop on Monday.

Sandy Springs police public information officer Sgt. Salvador Ortega said the attack happened at the woman’s house during a legal consultation.

They were meeting to discuss a case,” Sgt. Ortega said. “I haven’t seen anything in my 15 years of police services.”

Jerome faces rape and aggravated sodomy charges, according to jail records.

This case won’t be the first time he’ll be in a courtroom in Fulton County.

In 2020, Jerome defended convicted serial rapid D’Andre Shabazz, who was later given 12 life sentences.

“That case started after an investigation on Dec. 2nd after the female victim made an outcry at a local hospital about a sexual assault,” Sgt. Ortega said.

Police said doctors collected a rape kit and investigators talked to the victim and got phone records.

“After reviewing everything, they had enough probable cause to get arrest warrants for the defendant.”

During a preliminary hearing this week, Jerome was denied bond, so he remains locked up at the Fulton County Jail.

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