Gavelytics Launches New Legal Business Intelligence Tool Leveraging State Court Analytics

Gavelytics is starting the New Year with the launch of a new AI enabled platform for business intelligence. Gavelytics which is a pioneer in state court analytics offering  has announced the launch a business center which will provide competitive insights into the litigation history of competing firms and opposing counsel for pitches and  identifying business development opportunities.  The press release reprinted below described the new feature  as merging judicial and motion practice technologies with trial court analytics about law firms and litigants. The platform provides insights into litigation histories, docket data and access to litigation documents.

The Business Intelligence center  currently provides insights for 18 New York counties and 4 Texas counties. New York Counties are: Bronx, Broome, Cayuga, Erie, Essex Jefferson, Kings, Monroe, Nassau, New York, Niagara, Ontario, Queens, Rensselaer, Richmond, Seneca, Suffolk and Westchester. The Texas counties are Bexar, Dallas, Galveston and Harris.


The Gavelytics Business Intelligence Center

Gavelytics is facing increased competition in state court analytics from Westlaw Edge, Fastcase/Docket Alarm and Lexis. They remain the unique source of some California motion insights including the “Gavel Score”  which indicates whether a judges rulings tend to be pro plaintiff or pro defendant and Section 17.6 Analyzer which analyses peremptory disqualification trends  for each judge.

Here is the press release:


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Gavelytics Launches Legal Business Intelligence Tool

First-of-its-kind AI platform provides legal business intelligence tool and expands judicial analytics to New York and Texas counties

LOS ANGELES (JANUARY 2020) – Gavelytics, a Los Angeles-based legal technology software company that offers insights into civil trial court judges and the law firms and companies that appear before them, has launched its business analytics tool. Gavelytics’ Business Intelligence Tool merges judicial and motion practice technologies with trial court analytics about law firms and litigants. Users can access useful data from a single platform to make smarter business decisions.


Gavelytics’ Business Intelligence Tool provides information about law firms’ and litigants’ state trial court activities. According to founder and CEO, Rick Merrill, “Gavelytics helps law firms and litigators grow their firms and practices more successfully. The data enables users to better understand the activities of competing law firms and opposing counsel, and to see the litigation histories, including dockets and various litigation documents.” Merrill said, “Lawyers can use this data to manage client expectations, avoid wasted motions, budget more accurately, pitch clients and prospective clients more effectively, and plan their motions and litigation strategy. Law firms can harness information to make better business decisions which are crucial to succeeding in today’s competitive legal market.”


Gavelytics also is expanding the capability of its patented Judicial Analytics Tool. Its AI-powered solutions have helped litigators quickly identify judges’ tendencies in California, Florida and Nevada. Now, Gavelytics is providing access to state court data from various additional counties in New York and Texas. New York data available to Gavelytics users is from the New York Supreme Court system which services the state’s 62 counties and handles nearly 1.4 million civil case filings per year. The added Texas data is from the trial court systems of the state’s major metropolitan areas.


According to Gavelytics user Andy Baum, a partner with Glaser Weil, “Before Gavelytics, the only feedback we could get about a judge was general, anecdotal information from colleagues and friends. Now, Gavelytics gives us real information based upon how that judge has actually ruled in other cases.”


Named among the National Law Journals’ 2019 Emerging Legal Technologies, Gavelytics is focused on bringing its state-level trial court analytics platform to more attorneys nationwide. Expansion to cover Illinois courts is expected later in 2020.


About GavelyticsGavelytics is a Los Angeles-based legal technology software company that provides law firms, insurance companies, advocacy organizations and corporate general counsel with state judicial analytics. Gavelytics patented legal artificial intelligence provides actionable insights that help lawyers win more motions, win more cases, and win more business. Gavelytics Motion Analyzer tracks how a judge has ruled on more than 100 types of motions. Gavelytics Ruling Database is a searchable collection of decisions issued by trial court judges. Gavelytics Custom Data Reports are created for clients by seasoned information scientists with access to more than 16 million court records. For more information, visit