Garrett Discovery – Helping You Find the Truth


At Garrett Discovery, our goal is to help you find the truth in your case. We have the experience and expertise to find the information you need to win your case.

Our team includes former prosecutors and investigators who understand how to locate evidence, conduct interviews and analyze data that will prove your innocence or support your claim.

We also have access to experts in a wide range of fields including psychology, biology and forensics. These experts can provide testimony on your behalf at trial as well as during discovery proceedings (when parties exchange evidence).

The Truth About eDiscovery And How to Do It Right

Unfortunately, most eDiscovery is a very complex process. It requires a lot of time and effort from the attorney and their team. The truth is that there are many things that can go wrong in this service

For example, if you have not done your research or have not spent enough time on it, you might end up spending a lot of money on something that does not turn out to be useful for your case. You also risk losing credibility with your client if there is any doubt about whether or not what you did was accurate and complete.

One way that lawyer can help prevent these types of problems from happening is by hiring an expert consultant who can help them with their eDiscovery process. These experts will know exactly how to do the research required so that they can get the best results possible when it comes to preparing documents for litigation or pre-litigation cases.

E-Discovery & Forensic Services

The e-discovery services offered by our firm focus on obtaining, producing and organizing electronically stored information. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the field of e-discovery and litigation support services. We have developed a proven track record of success in complex discovery matters, often involving high stakes issues such as corporate liability for breaches of fiduciary duty, tortious interference with contract, breach of contract and other business torts. Our attorneys also provide assistance to businesses seeking to reduce costs associated with e-discovery by providing cost effective solutions to manage their electronic data storage needs.

E-Discovery Experts with Over a Decade of Experience

With over 10 years of experience in e-discovery and litigation support, our team can provide you with expert guidance on your case. We have helped hundreds of companies and individuals navigate through complex information management issues in litigation matters, for both internal investigations and external investigations.

In addition to our expertise in e-discovery, we also offer a wide range of legal services including:

Litigation Support: Our team will work with you throughout the discovery process to ensure that your case is properly prepared for trial.

Intellectual Property Litigation: If you’ve been sued for patent infringement or copyright violation, we can help you identify and collect evidence that supports your position.

Data Privacy Litigation: If you’ve been accused of any data privacy violations, we can fight back! Our attorneys possess years of experience litigating these types of cases and have recovered millions of dollars in damages for clients who had been wrongfully accused.