Further Proof Of The Demise Of Martindale Hubbell

We have to say that Linked In groups are becoming a very useful source of information these days..

Here’s an interesting post and set of responses from the Linked In Legal Marketing group.

Somebody asks:


I hate to ask, but I need to know. How many of you have dropped M-H and how many attorneys do you have?

Thanks in advance for your participation.


The responses all posted in the last 24 hours speak for themselves. Doesn’t looked like it is going to be a good year for the supposedly revamped MH.

  • never use M-H, waste of money and time, keep the print presence in the main book so you have something but do not do anything online
  • Do not use any legal directories online, do SEO/PPC, blogging, etc..You need to create your own listings and own marketing, not use another companies such as M-H to get your exposure
  • We dropped MH this year and are putting the dollars into Lexology, website redesign. Firm has nearly 400 attorneys nationwide.
  • If you are considering dropping Martindale, Avvo is offering an advertising credit for anyone who drops their Martindale listing and claims their Avvo profile. Conrad Saam Senior Marketing Manager at Avvo
  • We are still on Martindale, although we have discussed dropping it. Currently, we do recieve traffic to our site from them, so it has been worthwhile for us.
  • We dropped it this year. 8 attorneys.
  • My firm has about 40 lawyers. Because it is so expensive, we are considering dropping M-H. We might just reduce our participation, instead. I believe the av rating for our firm is one of the conditions of our membership in a group we recently joined. Also, the M-H listing does proved a cross-link to our firm website. Most of us here are old enough that M-H was definitely relevant when we started, so it is hard to give it up. We have not made a final decision, though.
  • Now at Sonnenschein, I’ve learned they discontinued participation within the last year or two (I believe). Lawyers = 800+.
  • Dropped them and can’t get them to take our website down and give us back our name without litigation. Have 5 attorneys they were a horrible waste of money and time
  • We dropped our account at the start of this year – 90 attorneys