Friday Story: Another Great Asia PC Moment From Thai PM

yes it is in the NY Post .. but also paraded around the media community and rightly so

Here’s the story and link


Thailand’s prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, has sparked outrage with his comments in the wake of the brutal murders of two tourists.

Chan-ocha warned that female visitors who wear bikinis may not be safe — unless they are ugly, the Huffington Post reports.

“There are always problems with tourist safety,” he said. “They think our country is beautiful and is safe so they can do whatever they want, they can wear bikinis and walk everywhere.”

But “can they be safe in bikinis … unless they are not beautiful?”

Chan-ocha has also said the brutal killings are a new blow to Thailand’s tourism industry.

“This should not have happened in Thailand. It will affect our image in the eyes of international countries,” he said.

“In their countries, (foreigners) can travel wherever they want, so they thought it is safe, but in our country, there are still problems. There are different types of people, so they have to be careful,” Prayuth told AP. “Those related must warn them and this incident has to be investigated because Thai people won’t tolerate this.”