Here’s the message from the blog

Dear Readers of the UKSC Blog,

Today marks the UKSC Blog retirement of one of our original founders, Anthony Fairclough, Head of Legal Support Services at Matrix Chambers.

The UKSC Blog was conceived over ten years ago.  The move in 2009 from the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords (which had for over 300 years served as the UK’s highest court) to the birth of the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, was a monumental event in the constitutional history of appellant decision making in this country.  To mark this, there was a desire to create a new outlet for commentary upon the Court’s work.  The result was the UKSC Blog, which has covered and commented upon every case handed down by the Court in that time.

Anthony has been part of the editorial committee of the UKSC Blog since its start.  Over the last decade, Anthony has been at the forefront of the management and development of the UKSC Blog.  He has encouraged and mentored a new generation of editors, with his guidance and stewardship ensuring that the UKSC Blog is continually evolving and developing.  The current editors are certain that without Anthony’s leadership over the last decade, the UKSC Blog would not be what it is today.  His contribution and dedication to the UKSC Blog has been exemplary and will be greatly missed.

For Anthony, pastures new await, as he embarks upon an exciting new career chapter.  We know he will remain one of the UKSC Blog’s most vocal champions and supporters.

Best wishes, Anthony, and thank you for your service to the UKSC Blog.