Forum: Gambling syndicate criminals should face full force of the law

The Straits Times writes..

I was rather shocked to read a report of how a syndicate collected $100 million in revenue over five years through illegal 4D and Toto bets (Leader of crime group that took $98m in online bets pleads guilty, Dec 9).

Rather audaciously, it had a number of runners and agents working under it who were encouraged to recruit more members to mitigate any losses.

Thankfully, the police arrested the three key members.

I wonder how, with advanced technology to fight crime, such a syndicate could have stayed active for such a long time.

A guilty plea should not lead to a less severe punishment for hardcore criminals. In my opinion, they should face the full force of the law.

I congratulate the Singapore Police Force for thwarting the work of these money-minded criminals.