Former Starbucks General Counsel Goes Bluegrass

Above the law reports….and with the surname Boggs it makes perfect sense…



Over the years, Paula Boggs has worked with some heavy hitters in the legal industry. She was an Army officer, partner at K&L Gates, general counsel for Starbucks, the list goes on. Any lawyer with half a resume as decorated as that can pretty much pick and choose where they want to work. Now you can find Boggs over at iTunes. Not as general counsel, but as a musician. From PBS:

Special correspondent Mike Cerre looks at how one seasoned lawyer is now forging a musical path for our arts and culture series, Canvas…Paula Boggs’ mix of bluegrass, folk, gospel and jazz, the diversity for many life experiences before starting a new career in her late 50s as a singer-songwriter.

Committing to a bluegrass career in your 50s definitely has its advantages — The Paula Boggs Band’s album Janus feels genuine and managed to avoid the “Stomp Clap Hey” that plagues everyone who covers their ears at the hint of Mumford and Sons. Don’t know what I’m talking about? If you had a sense of hearing back in 2011, yes, you do:

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