Foolproof Tips To Maximize Your Car Accident Compensation


American drivers are more vulnerable to negligent accidents than ever. Statistics indicate that the number of cases of distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and negligence are on the rise. The situation sounds scary for the safest drivers because one can never be sure about the others on the road. The only silver lining is that the personal injury law lets victims recover damages for negligent mishaps. But you cannot take things for granted because you need to prove your case to get the compensation you deserve. Moreover, you will have to go the extra mile to maximize it. Let us share a few foolproof tips to maximize your claim value and get coverage for your treatment, damages, and suffering.

Get immediate medical treatment

Getting immediate medical treatment is the first thing to do after a mishap. You will definitely do it if you have apparent injuries, but victims often skip the step for less evident damage. Unfortunately, severe injuries like internal bleeding, spine damage, and traumatic brain injuries may not show symptoms right away. They may take days or weeks to develop and become evident. It is crucial to get a medical examination by an expert even if you do not feel pain or see visible injuries. You must follow your doctor’s advice, be regular with appointments, and maintain medical records. Proper documentation can strengthen your accident claim and ensure coverage for the entire treatment costs.

Preserve evidence

The fate of your car accident compensation claim also depends on the value of the evidence you have at hand. You must establish the driver’s negligence and the severity of your injuries if you wish to get the rightful amount. The following pieces of evidence can take you a step close to your claim value-

  • Photos and videos showing the damage to the vehicles, your injuries, the accident scene, and road conditions
  • Details of the negligent driver and vehicle
  • Medical bills and records
  • Police report
  • Statements and contact information of eyewitnesses 
  • Paystubs and wage loss documentation 
  • Receipts for the repair of your vehicle

You can gather the evidence yourself, or seek the help of a passerby if you are severely injured. But remember to have every piece because they are critical to proving your claim and getting the compensation you deserve.

Bring a seasoned attorney on board

You may have all the evidence and arguments to prove the other driver’s negligence and establish your claim. But insurance companies often have tried-and-tested tactics to downsize claims and even reject them. Bringing a seasoned car accident injury attorney on board is the ideal solution, whether you want to seek a settlement or file a lawsuit. An expert can help you negotiate a settlement without falling prey to the insurance company’s tactics. Likewise, they can fight out your case in court to ensure maximum compensation value that covers all costs and damages.

Avoid falling for a quick settlement

A quick settlement may seem ideal when you are injured and off your job. The insurance company will try its best to convince you with a quick yet lowball offer because it will cost them far less than full compensation. However, you should avoid falling for the option as you may end up compromising the deal to get quick cash. Experts recommend steering clear of accepting the first offer, no matter how attractive it sounds. Let your attorney determine the optimal compensation value with future medical expenses and wage loss. They will also include the cost of pain and suffering, which may add significant dollar value to your claim. 

Stay off social media

You may want to post photos and share information about your accident on social media if you are a regular. But legal professionals emphasize the significance of staying off social media sites while settling your claim. The insurance company’s attorney may use them against you and even prove that your injuries are less serious than you claim and that you have recovered from them. Your social media posts can go against you and ruin your chances of proving negligence and settling the claim with the rightful value.

Maximizing your compensation should be the top priority when you file a claim against a negligent driver. But it is easier said than done because you deal with a strong team of lawyers from an insurance company. However, you can do your bit by building robust evidence to prove your claim. Hiring an expert lawyer is another step you shouldn’t miss out on when it comes to getting the most from your personal injury claim.