Florida Lawyer Files $5 Million Defamation Suit Against Roger Stone

A Florida lawyer has filed a $5 million defamation suit against conservative crony Roger Stone, alleging that Stone made defamatory remarks involving sexual contact with his kids, according to the Associated Press.

Larry Klayman, a conservative activist and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, filed the suit Thursday over remarks Stone reportedly wrote on the right-wing social network Gab, claiming that Klayman was a “warped former lawyer that the 11th circuit found guilty of molesting his own children.”

When Klayman asked Stone to take the false claim down, Stone doubled down and further insulted Klayman, the lawsuit says.

Klayman said the allegations stemmed from a messy divorce in which his ex-wife made wild claims, including the molestation one, which he said had been investigated and he had never been charged. Klayman’s law license was suspended in Washington, D.C., but he is still licensed in Florida.

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