Here’s the Feit report on Law 360

Law360 has become the most-placed product in US law firms and has quickly become every attorney’s go-to for daily news insights. So, we wanted to try to understand why.

Law360 is the go-to destination for legal news and analysis. Founded 18 years ago, Law360 has now saturated the market, becoming the industry’s most-used legal news source.

In our most recent Consumer Insights survey, we asked law firm research professionals who read Law360 to share their thoughts on the product and its competitors. We wanted to better understand the legal news market and if there are any vendors that are challenging Law360’s dominance in key content/coverage areas. Based on our findings, without a more viable competitor, Law360 will continue to dominate the legal news market indefinitely.

Best News Service by Attribute

In one question, we probed users on their perception of “who is the best” legal information news provider across ten key attributes ranging from coverage to relevance. We asked them to pick among Law360, ALM, Bloomberg’s Legal News, Westlaw Today or Other.

Below are the results:

The responses indicate that Law360 is the preferred legal news source across 9/10 features.


  • Our research indicates ALM is most competitive to Law360, but with a 35-point gap in preference between the two, they still have a long way to go.
  • Interestingly, ‘Other’ news sources out-performed Westlaw Today and tied with Bloomberg News overall.
  • Westlaw Today has not risen to competitive status.


Best News Service by Product

  • Law360’s domination in the legal news market is strengthened by its far-reaching range of topics, relevance and depth of content.
  • Looking at the overall average of the “who is the best” question above, Law360 was also chosen as best provider more often than any other vendor.
  • As the chart below shows, on average respondents chose Law360 almost 3 times as often as the nearest competitor.
  • Respondents prefer Law360 to Westlaw Today 18:1

Our survey sought to understand what is behind Law360’s success and whether their market domination would likely continue. Based on the feedbackLaw360 customers prefer this product due to its accuracy, relevance, and the state/jurisdictional coverage it provides. Law360 will continue to dominate the legal news market indefinitely, absent a competitor with all the attributes/content that Law360 currently possesses.