Federal Judge Just Doesn’t Feel Like Reading The Fifth Circuit’s Cases

Above the Law write

Is this the *most* relatable a federal judge has ever been?

Listen, I get it — I’d like to ignore the Fifth Circuit too. What with them unilaterally deciding to blow up the Securities and Exchange Commission, or their wackadoo interpretation of the First Amendment, or their jurisprudence on private corporations mandating COVID vaccines — and those are just their decisions over the last few months! They’ve quickly become the laughing stock amongst other appellate jurisdictions.

But, I dunno… a district court judge refusing to read the decisions of the appellate jurisdiction they sit in? That doesn’t seem like how the system is supposed to work.

U.S. District Judge Fred Biery of the Western District of Texas in San Antonio recently garnered attention for admitting he won’t read Fifth Circuit cases. The following comes via a motion to suppress hearing in an illegal possession of a firearm case:

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