FCPA Blog Readership Grows Exponentially

Here’s an update from publisher Harry Cassin

Dear FCPA Blog Readers,

Here’s an update on the status of the FCPA Blog, and more importantly, a big thank you.

The FCPA Blog now reaches over 140,000 unique readers per month. We have over 31,000 active subscribers — like you — who receive breaking news, daily summaries, weekly summaries, and more. You can see more traffic information in the chart below.

The FCPA Blog 1-2-1 program for matching corporate compliance professionals to facilitate private discussions now has over 41,041 possible match combinations and is growing every day.

In the past year, we have published high quality posts from dozens of generous contributors and authors, including the then-sitting Prime Minister of Bulgaria, the head of the French anti-corruption agency, Singapore’s Lee Hsien Yang, and many more.

None of this would be possible without your support and the generous support of our sponsors.

Thank you.


Harry Cassin
Publisher and Editor

February 2023

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