Fastcase Law Street Media: News With a Flash of Dockets – Launches Agriculture Channel

Dewey B Strategic reports..

Fastcase is digging deeper into the legal news market with the timely launch of an agricultural law news section.  David Nayer, Editor in Chief of Law Street Media cites the timeliness of the launch in the press release.  The Agriculture section and Alerts Center is being launched “ while our world is finding its new normal, and its especially relevant to those in food production, food service, and supply chains that impact each of us.”

The Agriculture section is leveraging “sister product” Docket Alarm’s real-time docket, litigation and analytics information to highlight emerging litigation topics such as farming, food, tobacco, and cannabis. It will also cover related topics such as agriculture policy at the FDA and USDA, the cannabis industry, environmental and land use, and the emergence of agricultural technologies. The Law Street Media newsletters are geared toward providing information “that generates business for its users.”

Law Street Media Docket Side Bar

You gotta love Fastcase co-founder Phil Rosenthal who offers his own “down home” explanation of why Agriculture was the second  news topic to launch. “We wanted our second industry news feed to be about meat and potatoes litigation – literally, so our bar partners across the country and their members can see how tracking filed litigation leads to new business”

As of today, the Agriculture news section is available for FREE on the  Law Street Media home page as well as in daily newsletter form, similar to the popular Technology legal news section.

Law Street has also developed and launched the  Docket Alarm Alerts and Analytics Center. This means that each LSM litigation story will be accompanied by a sidebar including links to searches for relevant parties, law firms, and judges within Docket Alarm.  This feature requires a Docket Alarm account to set email alerts, conduct further research, and access robust analytics, but anyone can view the search results for free.