Fast Divorce & Fast Food

Normally we don’t report these sorts of products from law firms.. but this one has to be seen to be believed..

Brodsky Law Firm based in New York City offer a service they call… The 60 Minute Divorce.

This seems bizarre enough as it is.. but their clincher is that they’ll buy you a free lunch while they process the divorce for clients.

Don’t get excited though.. you aren’t off to Nobu or Gordon Ramsey’s latest eatery.. oh no it’s straight down to McDonalds or Starbucks for the happy couple.

I suppose you know that the marriage is over if you are sitting down together at the McDonalds in Union Sq eating something supersized especially when you can see that The Blue Water Grill, and Union Sq Cafe  are just around the corner

We’d  have thought that a voucher from Barnes and Noble to get a copy of this might be more suitable.