Fantastic Post On China LIS-LAW Encapsulates State Power & Law In China In 2022

Thanks to William Farris @ Stanford with a short list that tells you everything you need to know
List member Teng Biao recently posted on Twitter about how there was a time in 2005 when the Asia Weekly’s “People of the Year” included 14 PRC civil rights lawyers –
I think the people shown on the magazine cover he posted are just about the best case I could make today if someone were to ask why I held some optimism for rule of law in the PRC when I moved there in 2007 to work as an in-house legal counsel.
It also serves a very effective platform to illustrate how I feel about rule of law there today:
  1. Zheng Enchong – He had already been imprisoned and disbarred at the time of the article. I guess I should have known.

  2. Gao Zhisheng – imprisoned, disbarred, then and just disappeared. I mean where the hell is he?

  3. Xu Zhiyong – imprisoned, disbarred, his 2 NGOs dismantled, now about to be imprisoned again.

  4. Guo Feixiong – imprisoned, disbarred, then imprisoned again.

  5. Li Heping – imprisoned in the 7.09 crackdown.

  6. Pu Zhiqiang – jailed & disbarred.

  7. Fan Yafeng – put under house arrest for his role in Charter 08.

  8. Chen Guangcheng and Teng Biao himself have left the PRC.

I’ll take this opportunity to note that documents relating to the prosecutions of 4 of the 14 civil rights lawyers who were 2005’s “Men of the Year” are translated in my free casebook: State Prosecutions of Speech in the PRC (

  • Guo Feixiong: p. 80
  • Xu Zhiyong: p. 287
  • Pu Zhiqiang: p. 489
  • Zheng Enchong: p. 566
Several other names on that list make appearances in other documents in the casebook, including Fan Yafeng, Teng Biao, a Li Heping.