Facebook vs Lamebook !

Facebook Sues Lamebook in Trademark Row reports Sports Blog..

Lamebook – a funny blog – was last heard when it was standing for a judicial declaration that reports that neither the operation nor the maintenance of Lamebook or the name itself infringes upon Facebook’s trademark rights. However, it seems Lamebook & legal dispute are correlated as Facebook has again sued it for resorting to the law & order for resolving the dispute.

Facebook regrets this situation and states that it wanted an amicable solution for solving this dispute, and it has worked together for many months over the issue, in the face of the fact that Lamebook is an attempt to trade off the popularity of Facebook.

The result is that Facebook filed a lawsuit against Lamebook in San Jose federal court on 8 November 2019. The lawsuit includes a letter that was sent by Facebook to Lamebook and that described their infringement claims.

While Lamebook claims that its site is in compliance with the First Amendment and is legally protected, Facebook denies this claim by saying that Lamebook offers no critique of Facebook. Lamebook is filling its Legal Fund via donations from its visitors. However, the owners of Lamebook and its fans have a different point of view.

They love Lamebook for the fact that it generates money out of a fun project and creates ways to make people happy. It gives a platform for people to share their jokes about Facebook and its viral penetration among people. In a way, Lamebook’s fans uphold its satiric quality.

Also, Lamebook believes that pname com facebook orca is making hills out of moles by filing a lawsuit against the infants in the industry despite their infallible multi-billion stand. One thing is for sure that however small these Lamebook guys maybe, they won’t let go off without a one-on-one fight.

Lamebook’s stand against Facebook seems feasible too since Facebook does not have the right to claim its IPR over anything that has a suffix the same as theirs – in this case, the ‘book’. Moreover, Lamebook is a place where people share selected funny updates, lame pictures and bone-cracking jokes that appear on Facebook.

Clarifying it more, Lamebook says it posts users-submitted contents and maintains their names as anonymous. The faces and profile names on the posts are being blurred out on Lamebook thus keeping the identity intact.

Source:  https://www.sportsblog.com/articls1/facebook-sues-lamebook-in-trademark-row/