EXIT ON TOP: Sell Your Law Firm to the Right Person at the Right Time for the Right Price

Press Release

Born from the author’s experience improving her family’s law firm and the wisdom and expertise helping hundreds of law firms since then. EXIT ON TOP is organized into four parts that provides the details about everything you need to think about to sell your law firm:

Part 1: What do you want?
Part 2: How am I doing?
Part 3: How do I start?
Part 4: The sales process

This book is tailored to attorneys who are either considering selling their practice due to retirement readiness, succession planning desires, or passing the firm to a family member, or for those who are interested in acquiring a firm to expand their reach, diversify their practice areas, or access talented professionals.

EXIT ON TOP is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. For additional details about the book and the giveaways mentioned within its pages, visit exitontopbook.com to discover exercises to pinpoint your priorities when selling your firm, along with a comprehensive list of professionals who can assist you in preparing for and executing the sale of your firm. Visit cathcap.com to learn more information about fractional CFO services.

EXIT ON TOP: Sell Your Law Firm To The Right Person At The Right Time For The Right Price

By Brooke Lively
Niche Pressworks
ISBN 978-1-962956-18-5
March 27, 2024

About the Author

Brooke Lively discovered her passion for helping entrepreneurial lawyers build their firms by working with her father. After getting her MBA in corporate finance and investments at Texas Christian University and a quick stint at a hedge fund, she found herself helping her family establish a new firm, which hit the seven-figure mark within eighteen months. Soon thereafter, she started talking to other lawyers who asked, “Can you do for us what you do for your family?” This is when Brooke realized that most attorneys don’t run their firms by the numbers. They are making decisions based on their gut, and that causes a lot of anxiety – not to mention a loss of profitability. With that insight, Brooke started Cathcap, a fractional CFO company designed to maximize law firm profitability. Since 2013, Brooke and her team have helped hundreds of firms make data-driven decisions to drive faster growth and more predictability in their businesses. As a CFO, Brooke looks at every part of a firm that touches the money – and that’s the whole firm. This eventually led her to become an EOS Implementer®. Through EOS, Brooke helps firms gain clarity on their vision, discipline, and accountability to increase traction and develop a healthy, functional leadership team. Brooke weaves the technical knowledge from her MBA with her real-world experience to create speeches that have entertained groups worldwide, such as Entrepreneur’s Organization, bar associations, and conferences like PILMMA Super Summit, 360 Advocacy, and the Louisiana Association of Justice. She has written numerous books, including her international best-selling series From Panic to Profit™. Brooke has been featured in Forbes, US News and World Report, and on CNBC. She also has a monthly financial column in Attorney at Work and is frequently requested as a podcast guest.

About Cathcap

Cathcap is the industry-leading provider of fractional chief financial offer (CFO) services assisting law firms and businesses who have hit the ceiling and know they need help with their financials. Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve their financial goals by delivering transparent and accurate financials that provide clarity and enable them to make informed decisions, ultimately building a profitable firm.