Everything To Know About New Virginia Laws For Legal Cannabis Possession

On July 1, 2021, in Virginia, a turn of state law went into effect. It was new legislation incorporating new laws regulating cannabis possession, among others.

The law allows citizens of age 21 and older to hold up to one ounce of marijuana without the intention to sell and to cultivate up to four marijuana plants in their residences. It also adds that the custody of more than an ounce but slightly less than a pound brings a $25 penalty. Furthermore, custody of more than a pound is a felony. It can invite a 10-year punishment and a $250,000 fine.



New Virginia Laws for Legal Cannabis Possession

According to the new legislation, adults can smoke cannabis inside their private possession but not in public. Additionally, in a moving automobile, it may be held up only in the passenger area, that too, in the sealed manufacturers’ compartment.

Still, both this regulation and the grow-your-own plants prerogative propose confusion. As a result, no part of the marijuana or cannabis plant, comprising seeds or flowers, will be legitimate to buy or sell until January 2024. Grown-ups may share Get Kush cannabis but may not gift it in teams with another commercial item as a way to get around the law.

With the expectation of a legalized market for marijuana on the boundary, Virginia hemp planters are supposing their options for development. Many people think of cannabis and marijuana as equal terms.

However, cannabis is a large plant genus that includes both psychoactive marijuana and hemp. It is a versatile plant that can create commodities from clothes to biofuels. Additionally, its seeds and oil also have a usage in skincare products and non-intoxicating palatable intakes.

The distinguishing line between the two cannabis species is the specific level of the toxicant THC existing in the plant, which must be 0.3% or slighter for hemp.


The Customs And Regulations Of Cannabis Possession Under New Virginia’s Laws

The date July 1, 2021, marks the introduction of many significant days in the recreational legalization of Cannabis in Virginia. Here is your ultimate guide for what’s legal and illegal in cannabis possession.

The cannabis lovers of Virginia still dream of the day that they can walk into a dispensary and buy and use cannabis for relaxation legitimately. Well, the day is not far, the new law asserts. As it continues, that day won’t come until January 1, 2024. However, till then, the Virginia legislature has opted for a rapid change in the laws. These laws concern possession and plant cultivation. There is still no lawful point of sale for weed in Virginia.



All The Facts You Need To Know About Cannabis Possession

Virginians who are 21 years older or above can legally possess up to an ounce of cannabis. They can use it in the isolation of their residence. Our experts told us to assume the new weed allowances are similar to intoxicants; public intoxication is criminal, thus, smoking weed in public.

Still, public and private entities withhold the privilege to tell you what you can and can’t do. For instance, an employer can dismiss an individual from employment for utilizing marijuana. Besides, a proprietor or property owner can also ban use for residents.

Fact-Checking: Can DC Delivery Services Deliver Cannabis Products Under This Act?

No! When interstate travel comes into play, that’s when the national policy steps. And on the federal level, marijuana trafficking is still illegal.

Moreover, It continues to be illegal in the United States to deliver any cannabis products across any state or the nation’s territory line. Still, whether it’s from a legally approved state to another legal state, it’s also under the interstate marketing section and that’s though illegal.

On top of that, the “gifting” category used widely in the district is not permitted under the new Virginia laws. The new law is not very precise in what it authorizes but allows “adult sharing” when no financial transaction is involved. So, purchasing a sticker and earning a pot brownie on the side is not technically legitimate in Virginia.

Legitimate adult sharing implicates two adults over the age of 21 handing off a marijuana commodity to one another without compensation.

Can You Cultivate Cannabis Plants In Your Home?

Everyone who is a lover of cannabis products is curious to grow a cannabis plant of their own. Well, happy news for cannabis enthusiasts. The new law is for you.

Yes, Virginians 21 and older can grow up to four marijuana plants inside their residences. However, the law permits four per household, not four per person, and all plants need to be tagged correctly.

Each plant requires a tag with the person’s name, driver’s license, or designation number, and the information is for private use. So, each plant needs indexing with that data.

Also, cultivate your plants out of public view. That implies if you choose to grow them outside, they cannot be noticeable from a visible area like the road or the sidewalk.



Conclusively, January 1, 2024, is when the Virginia legislature wants the dispensary entrances to open. It also expects industries to start the application processes in 2023. Between now and 2024, the state is setting up a first regulatory board identical to ABC for alcohol. It will be the council on legitimate marijuana sales and licensing.

The board shall be set up soon, and several new laws will come from them. They’ll have public discussions where people can give information, and that’s the administrative branch’s prerogative to come up with the rest of the legislation.