Ever More Bizarre: SC ex-lawyer Alex Murdaugh fronted $110K to purchase Georgia funeral home in 2020: court docs

Alex Murdaugh has been charged with defrauding former legal clients out of nearly $8.5M since the still unsolved murders of his wife and son reports Fox News

Disgraced South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh allegedly shelled out more than $110,000 to purchase a Georgia funeral home in January 2020, according to local court documents filed Tuesday.

Court documents filed in Hampton County, South Carolina, show Murdaugh wired $147,000 on behalf of John Martin, the owner of Martin’s Funeral Home LLC, from the local Palmetto State Bank to Southeastern Bank in Georgia Jan. 7, 2020. Russell Laffitte, the since-fired CEO of Palmetto State Bank, later signed off on the wire.

Martin used the money to secure the purchase of what was formerly known as Hall Jones & Brown Funeral Home in Brunswick, Georgia.


His company owns a funeral home in Estill, South Carolina, located in Hampton County, where Murdaugh’s great-grandfather founded a personal injury law firm more than a century ago in 1910. The prominent legal family for 86 consecutive years also ran the local solicitor’s office, where Murdaugh still served as a volunteer prosecutor until September.

A cursory review of Murdaugh’s financial records does not indicate Martin ever repaid Murdaugh.

Martin has not responded to subpoenas about the transaction, so Tuesday’s filing asked the court to compel the funeral home operator to provide such requested records.

The court documents were filed by a law firm representing the two receivers appointed in November 2021 to manage Murdaugh’s finances to prevent the former lawyer from liquidating assets while the mother of boat crash victim Mallory Beach still pursues a lawsuit against the powerful family and other parties…..

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