Even Obama Firm Favourite Sheds Staff

As Above The Law report below – if a law firm favoured by the current administration is having to shed staff .. thangs can’t be that rosy.

They write:

Nationwide Layoff Watch: Even Obama Can’t Help Perkins Coie

You know things are bad when even a firm that is tight with the Obama administration is forced to lay people off. We are now able to report that Perkins Coie has laid off 38 people today: 12 attorneys, 26 staff.

The firm provided this statement to Above the Law:

Perkins Coie announced this week that it is downsizing by 12 attorneys and 26 non-attorney staff. While these actions are painful to all concerned, the Firm concluded that such actions were a necessary response to the current, challenging economy. The firm has offered all affected employees an expanded severance package that includes continuation of health care for nine months.
Perkins Coie has had some minor attrition over the past few months, but this is the firm’s first round of mass, economic layoffs. Today’s casualties are focused on the west coast. Our sources confirm that the following offices were affected by the layoffs: Seattle, Menlo Park, Bellevue, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Good luck to the 38 people let go today. I guess holy week is officially over.