EU Court rules that Polish judicial reform is in violation of EU law, Poland rejects verdict

The European Union’s Court of Justice on Monday ruled that the controversial judicial reform, which was introduced by Poland in 2019 and is related to the disciplinary procedures for judges, stands in violation of the EU law.

“Rule of law: the Polish justice reform of December 2019 infringes EU law” because it undermines the impartiality and independence of judges, said the Luxembourg-based court in its verdict.

“The value of the rule of law is an integral part of the very identity of the European Union,” the court stated.

The ruling was immediately appreciated by Brussels which said that the judgement “settles the matter for good”.

“Today is an important day for the restoration of an independent justice in Poland,” said EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. “After today’s decision, the law on the judiciary will need to be adapted accordingly… I urge the Polish authorities to comply fully with the judgement,” he added.

Poland calls EU court “corrupt”

The Court of Justice of the European Union was denounced by Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro on Monday as “corrupt”. Poland rejected the ruling that considered the Polish judicial reform as a violation of the EU law.

The Luxembourg-based court’s verdict “was not written by judges but politicians because it constitutes a clear violation of European treaties,” Ziobro said, adding that “the European Union’s top court is corrupt”.

The governing conservatives of Poland have shared tense relations with Brussels since they came to power in 2015 over claims that Warsaw is not being able to completely uphold EU laws, especially with regard to the judiciary.

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