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Thank the Lord that common sense prevailed

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The fact that there are so many tells House of Butter that this civilization (if you can call it that anymore) is stuttering towards an ignominius end…

This Blog Has Jumped the Shark: I’m Covering a Copyright Opinion About a Tattoo of Tiger King’s Joe Exotic–Cramer v. Netflix

The tattoo depicts Joe Exotic of Tiger King “fame,” a can of Lysol, some coronaviruses, and the words “Quarantine 2020.” None of this makes any sense to me. I guess you had to be there. Cramer apparently had no affiliation with either Joe Exotic or Lysol.

Netflix broadcast a popular documentary series called “Tiger King.” The first episode of the second season contains a rapid-fire montage establishing how the first season turned Joe Exotic into a pop culture sensation, including this image that displayed for 2.2 seconds:

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