Email accident: New USC law school dean releases confidential bar exam results

Oops !

In a digital age slip up, the new dean at the University of South Carolina School of Law sent an email to law school students containing a file with the confidential bar exam grades of recent graduates, including those who passed and those who failed.

Almost instantly he realized his error, said law school Dean William Hubbard in a Tuesday interview, and quickly sent out another email trying to undo that first email.

Hubbard’s second email read, “Please delete the message I just sent about bar passage. It was sent with the wrong attachment for which I am very sorry. Please do not open and, if opened, do not reveal any information in that attachment to anyone.”

In the world of law, where lawyers are taught to respect confidentiality, the specific grades a bar exam candidate makes are one of the most confidential of matters. And the names of those who fail the bar exam are never published.

In the Tuesday interview with The State in a conference room at the School of Law, Hubbard, 68, whose long legal career has been marked by one distinction after another, including being a former president of the American Bar Association, appeared devastated at the mistake he committed, barely two months after assuming one of the most prestigious academic posts in South Carolina: dean of the 153-year-old law school.


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