Drake Sued for Trademark Infringement by Members Only

According to court documents obtained by XXL, apparel brand Members Only is suing Drake’s touring company, Away From Home Touring Inc., for trademark infringement. The lawsuit, filed on June 11 in New York federal court, alleges that merch sold during Drake’s It’s All a Blur Tour violated Members Only trademarks.

The iconic 1980s fashion brand is not accusing the OVO Sound leader of selling counterfeit Members Only merchandise. Instead, the brand asserts that Drizzy’s T-shirts infringe on their trademark by prominently featuring the phrase “Members Only” in large script across the front.

In their complaint, the current owner of the Members Only brand, JR Apparel World LLC, stated that although the “Members Only” insignia on the tees is in reference to Drake’s song of the same name on his latest album For All the Dogs, it does not obviate the likelihood of confusion or give Live Nation (which backed the tour) and/or Drake license to use the Members Only trademark in such a confusing manner, particularly on or in connection with apparel items.

The lawsuit alleges that Drake’s shirts are going to confuse fans into thinking the real Members Only brand is somehow involved with the tees and cause confusion in the marketplace.

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