Dragon Law Launches In Hong Kong

Here’s their press release….good luck we say at PS.com


For too long, law firms have been unable to help with the needs of Hong Kong SMEs in a cost-effective manner. Dragon Law is here to plug that gap.

Our platform is now live and you can create an account and have a look for free.

Our services are focused on the two biggest legal requirements your business has today:
Legal documents to enable you to take care of day-to-day business
Easy access to lawyers if and when you need them.
We see ourselves as the legal support you need – wherever you do business and on whatever device you do it.

Our products and services are continually evolving, and we welcome ALL your feedback. If you would like to contact me directly, please just reply to this email address or give me a call on +852 3618 6145.

Above all, don’t forget to check out our site dragonlaw.com.hk – we built it for you!

All the very best,