Dolman law group study says Washington DC has highest % of lawyers in the US 41 per 1000 people!

Here’s what they say in their blurb

  • A recent study identified the states most densely populated by lawyers.
  • The District of Columbia is the state most densely populated by lawyers, with a lawyer density of 41.64 per 1000 people.
  • The gap in earnings between New York‘s highest-paid lawyers and Louisiana‘s lowest-paid ones is $32K.
A study by Dolman Law Group analyzed all the states to determine the states most densely populated by lawyers. The number of lawyers in each state was first collected from legal databases. The number of lawyers per 1,000 residents was then calculated using the state populations, sourced from the latest census data. Additionally, the average yearly salaries for lawyers were added for the context.
Topping the list of the states most densely populated by lawyers, the District of Columbia stands out with a lawyer density of 41.64 per 1000 people, significantly higher than any state. Lawyers in D.C. also have a high average yearly salary of $103K, reflecting the high demand of legal expertise in the area.
New York follows with 185K lawyers, the highest number in the country. The state has a lawyer density of 9.16 per 1000 people, even with a population of over 20 million, making New York the 2nd on the list. New York lawyers earn an average yearly salary of $117,459, the highest among the states analyzed.
Maryland and Massachusetts get the 3rd and 4th spots, with lawyer densities almost identical to each other at 6.60 and 6.08 per 1000 people, respectively. Maryland’s lawyers earn an average salary of $90K, while Massachusetts’s lawyers have an average of $102K per year, showing the financial benefits’ difference.
Ranking 5th on the list of the states most densely populated by lawyers, Connecticut features a lawyer density of 5.83 per 1000 people. The state’s 21K lawyers earn an average yearly salary of $92K, reflecting the competitive nature of the legal field in the region.
In Illinois, the legal profession has a big presence with 62K lawyers for a population of over 12.8 million, resulting in a density of 4.90 lawyers per 1000 people. The average yearly salary for lawyers in Illinois stands at $90K, reflecting opportunities within Chicago and beyond.
With a density of 4.60 lawyers per 1000 people, Louisiana ranks 7th on the list of the states most densely populated by lawyers. The average yearly salary for lawyers in the state is $85,204, the lowest on the list.
Following closely, Minnesota ranks 8th with a density of 4.57 lawyers per 1000 people. The 26K lawyers in Minnesota enjoy an average yearly salary of $97K, indicative of the state’s high value of legal expertise.
New Jersey gets the 9th spot with a lawyer density of 4.32 per 1000 people. The state stands out not just for its lawyer density but also for one of the highest average yearly salaries of $104K.
Rounding off the ranking of the states most densely populated by lawyers, California has one of the highest numbers of lawyers, resulting in a density of 4.24 lawyers per 1000 people. Even with this high number of lawyers, California’s average yearly salary for lawyers is $90K, an average among the states analyzed.