Document Retrieval Disaster At Lexis In The UK

We have just come across this post on a LIS LAW from a library in the UK and it appears they aren’t the only one experiencing the issue.

Not exactly what LN need with so much new competition on the horizon – we presume IT is working overtime.

Why are we mentioning because as the library says below It’s a problem that has been occurring for several months,

Here’s what the library says

Is anyone else encountering problems with document retrieval from LexisLibrary?

It’s a problem that has been occurring for several months, just with the odd document, so I thought it may be one of those anomalies that would right itself.

Now, it appears to be almost every document that we ask for from lexis, contains a ‘We are sorry but there is an error in this document and it is not possible to display it.’ Message

In most documents this error message is hidden, so if you have had commentary from Halsbury’s Laws emailed for instance, and the commentary is, say, 15 pages long, then every 2nd or 3rd page will have this error message, and the commentary will be missing.

The same issue occurs if you try to download or print

I have spoken to Lexis technical support, and they have agreed there is an ‘outage’ error which they are working on a fix to correct, but I just wondered if anyone else had encountered the same issue, and had worked out a fix for it!?