Do I Need a Family Lawyer to get Divorced?

One of the many considerations when going through a divorce is whether or not a divorce lawyer is needed. While hiring a divorce lawyer is not mandatory, it is important for the parties involved to understand the legal implications of their actions. A family lawyer clarifies the decisions and helps ensure their client isn’t cheated.

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Should I Hire A Family Lawyer For My Divorce Case?

Naturally, you need a divorce lawyer to advise and put you through the complexities of the legal process. Even in uncontested divorces, a family lawyer can help you understand your choices and their implications on your life. However, you may choose to go it alone for uncontested divorces wherein both parties have reached a mutually beneficial agreement.

In such instances, you can present your case to the court while requesting the dissolution of your union. A typical uncontested divorce is faster to deal with, provided all paperwork has been completed, and the court is satisfied with the concessions made by both parties.

On the other hand, a contested divorce is the exact opposite. Such cases often involve battles and skirmishes between partners who cannot agree on their divorce terms. The matters of interest may relate to issues like child custody, spousal support, asset and debt sharing, etc. It is most recommended that parties involved in a contested divorce or high net worth divorce seek legal help to navigate the matters arising.

Still unsure of whether to hire a family lawyer in your divorce case? Check for the following factors that can complicate your divorce.

Assets and property division

Assets and property division is one of the more complex aspects of a divorce. In most cases, partners may be looking to keep more of their assets through illicit ways, or they may be interested in taking more than the other party feels they deserve. Such matters can prolong a divorce case and requires legal experience and expertise to navigate.

Hiring a lawyer can effectively protect you, your finances, and your interests. For example, a family lawyer can assess the situation and determine how best to negotiate with the other party to protect assets like retirement funds, house, etc.

Navigating asset and property division issues on your own can put you at risk, especially if your partner is trying to hide assets or cheat you. You can trust your lawyer to collaborate with forensic experts to uncover such hidden assets and get you a fair share of the marital assets.

Child custody

Marriages with younger children are more likely to need a family lawyer. This is because either of the divorcing partners may use the children as a weapon against the other. Child custody and visitation rights are a huge deal among many partners who wish to remain active in their children’s lives.

You should seek a family lawyer’s guidance if children are involved in your marriage. Your lawyer can help you understand your options and defend your interest to remain a part of their lives.

Child supportĀ 

Child support is the amount or allowance paid by the non-custodial parent towards the children’s welfare. This amount is calculated based on a case-by-case basis, depending on the non-custodial parent’s income and financial status.

Common issues arising during child support cases often revolve around the amount demanded. Non-custodial parents often feel cheated when levied a high sum while custodial parents may want more.

Having a family lawyer can help you understand your chances and how best to calculate or negotiate the amount paid in child support. Custodial parents can also leverage a family lawyer’s experience and expertise to seek modifications to earlier child support agreements based on circumstantial changes.

Spousal support

Divorcing partners often want nothing to do with their ex-partners. However, it may not be as simple as that. Some partners may demand spousal support from their ex-partners based on the circumstances of their marriage.

Both partners in such a situation need a family lawyer to represent them and their interests. For example, a partner demanding spousal support needs a family lawyer to go through their case, educate them, and represent them during negotiation or trial. The same applies to the partner who has been requested to pay spousal support.

Divorce settlementĀ 

A divorce settlement is a final document stating the details, terms, and agreements made by both parties as part of their marriage dissolution. The settlement dictates how both parties are to act, what they are entitled to, and the limitations of their actions after the divorce.

Divorce settlements are common in all divorces, whether contested or uncontested. As a final and legally binding document, parties involved should seek a family lawyer to go through it for due diligence’s sake. A family lawyer can review the document to identify areas that could potentially hurt their client now or in the future. They can also review and redraft the divorce settlement to eliminate ambiguity and promote clarity.

When To Hire A Family Lawyer For Your Divorce

If you haven’t already hired a lawyer, then you should be on the lookout for the best option for you. It is recommended that you hire a family lawyer as soon as you notice any of the following;

You’re ready to divorce

Ready to divorce? Contact a family lawyer to weigh your options and assess how the decision will affect you, your finances, and your future. Your family lawyer can also walk you through the steps involved in the process as well as the financial implication of all available options.

Your spouse already hired a lawyer

You should get a family lawyer involved in your divorce as soon as your spouse hires one. Doing this will level the playing field and improve the chances of a fair negotiation and agreement. It is important to avoid self-representation against a family lawyer, especially because they can blindside you with their experience and legal expertise.

You don’t understand the paperwork

Paperwork is an essential part of the divorce process. It is important to seek a professional’s insight when unclear on the content of the contract and divorce agreement. A family lawyer can help you draft, review, and amend divorce agreements to protect your interest.